LilScope Makrolinse als Lupe

Turn your phone into a magnifying glass

LilScope Makrolinse als Lupe

You usually carry your smartphone around with you. Sometimes you want to examine something more closely, but it's a little too small to see with the naked eye. Unfortunately, when you use your phone's camera, you can't get close enough to get a good look at the object. Then, as a last resort, you use the digital zoom function. The image will get bigger, but it will be blurry and look very rough.

When you attach a macro lens in front of your phone's camera, you can get much closer to your subject and see it much larger. It doesn't matter if you have a splitter in your finger or want to thread the thread into the needle – you now have gained total control and a complete view of everything.

You can effectively use the technical potential of your smartphone, such as slow motion or time lapse. You don't need a PC to edit the pictures, your mobile phone offers you almost endless possibilities.

In addition, you can immerse yourself directly inside the microcosm and realise things that normally take place hidden from sight. It's worth taking a closer look, especially at insects. In video mode, you can usually achieve an even higher magnification.

Nützlich ist auch, dass du Schädlinge und Ungeziefer, wie Läuse, Flöhe, Zecken usw. eindeutig identifizieren kannst. Überprüfe optisch, ob du die Zecke vollständig “erwischt” hast oder kontrolliere den Nissenkamm nach dem Auskämmen der Haare auf Nissen (Läuseeier).

Zecke noch lebend
Tick still alive.Tick has been completely removed.
Nit. Lice egg between the the teeth of the nit comb.

If you want small things to look impressive, e.g. because you want to sell them (eBay…), then the magnification will help you to display your item as accurately as possible. The buyer has the opportunity to detect even smallest details.

750 gold ring
Goldkette schließe

If you can think of more things that a cell phone magnifier can be useful for, just drop me a line!

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